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How I comb
It’s not a big deal if my daughter gets head lice, no rushing to the store, no panic... Just chuck all dirty laundry in the laundry room to do when I can, soak all hair brushes, change her bedding and throw her blanket in the dryer for 20 minutes on hottest heat. Coats, tukes, scarves and other items not normally washed can go in the dryer too. She takes a bath and hands me her clothes before getting in the tub, they go into the laundry immediately too. If there is time I do a quick vacuum of other stuff that comes into contact with the head.

When she washes her hair, she rinses it as normal, wrings it out a bit, adds a normal amount of conditioner that gets left in. (This will help keep the live lice in place so that you can comb them out too, no other treatments are needed!!!) Then out she comes wrapped in a big fluffy towel to sit by the kitchen sink. When she was tiny she was on a bar stool, now on a kitchen chair. I brush out her hair first and re-soak the brush I used to detangle in the hottest tap water overnight, the LiceMeister is not good for detangling!

Then using the LiceMeister comb, I comb section by section as if I am doing curlers or a perm if very thick hair, about ¼” thick by 1” wide. I start on one side of her centre part, where the bangs would be, then as I am done the section (I comb each 3 times) I move on to the next and just flip the done part over her face, she holds them until there are enough to clip with one of those ponytail clips the kids use.

I rinse the comb in the kitchen sink in between sections, the sink is filled with hot water and a tiny drop of dish detergent added after the water is in so it doesn’t bubble. I like to see what floats and what I am getting, just makes me feel better to see them. I keep a roll of toilet paper by the sink and wipe the comb when it becomes clogged, chucking the used paper in a garbage I keep beside the sink till I’m done.

I empty the garbage when I’m done, taking it outside. I do this all over again next day, usually I find nothing at all, but sometimes there are a few. If I want to by day three I am combing on dry hair, if there are no live lice left and no new nits present. By the end of the week I am down to just a few minutes, more checking than combing. I check her head once a week to make sure they stay gone, and to catch the ‘next time’ early.

2014 Update: This was written when my youngest daughter was about 7, she now has children of her own and combs them out much the same way. After 16 years we still think of the LiceMeister comb as an absolute miracle, I just love it when something keeps working!

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